Display Advertising


Display Advertising works in concert with search engine marketing (SEM). We use SEM to get you in the top, paid ad spots in search returns, and we use display advertising to get you in the top display ad spots on relevant sites across the Google Display Network.


While we do feel that search engine marketing should be a top online marketing priority, display advertising enables you to cover an entirely different territory. In display marketing, we are positioning your banner and/or text display ads to appear on relevant sites that are part of the enormous Google Display Network. We control these sites by understanding and targeting your audience. We do this by targeting your key geographic areas, your top demographics and relevant site topics or the top interests of your audience. We then regularly monitor and adjust the initial setup of your display campaign to give you top quality traffic that will be most likely to result in a return on your investment.

By understanding your audience and your goals, we will construct compelling display ads with strong calls-to-action. Our goal is to bring much more traffic to your website, resulting in more sales and more customers who will come back again and again for your service or product. Furthermore, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. You never pay just for having someone look at your ad - because we believe in delivering action and proving ROI.

We are AdWords certified and deeply experienced in AdWords best practices. We build effective ad formats and use extensive targeting and ad extensions to give your ads more impact on the sites where you ads appear. Your potential customers are presented with more relevant information about your products and services. We work to increase the likelihood that your potential customers will click on your ads because we help you provide relevant, high quality content.

We are the #1 online marketing experts in the area. We have been involved in online marketing for our entire careers - since the dawn of the industry in the 1990s

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