Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing (SEM) works in concert with search engine optimization (SEO). Unlike SEO, SEM does not utilize Google or other search engines to bring free traffic to your website. SEM brings traffic to your website that your pay for.


There are many reasons why paying for traffic may be the most profitable thing for your business. For example, even if you have a very strong free presence in Google, you may also have direct competitors who also have a strong free presence there. In a highly competitive business, it may be in your best interest to be at the very top of Google results by bidding on those keywords and having an ad appear there for your business.

If we are working to improve your SEO, it may take some time to see your site move up in the free rankings. There is no need for you to lose business while waiting when we can help your business appear in front of customers, above organic search returns, almost immediately by using our proven SEM tactics.

By conducting proper keyword research and constructing compelling ads with strong calls-to-action, we can help bring much more traffic to your website, resulting in more sales and more customers who will come back again and again for your service or product.

We are Adwords certified and experts in Adwords best practices. We will create effective ad formats, keyword formats and ad extensions that give your ads more real estate on the search return page. This gives your potential customer more relevant information about your products and services. We increase the likliehood that potential customers will click on your ad versus competitors' ads by helping you provide high quality, relevant content that promotes your products and services.

We are the #1 online marketing experts in the area. We have been involved in online marketing for our entire careers - since the dawn of the industry in the 1990's. You will not find anyone who knows online marketing better, who has done it longer, or who does it more successfully.

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